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Despite seeming like just another pop fad from the Land of the Rising Sun, Yu-Gi-Oh! has shown amazing staying power, with as loyal (and rabid) a following as ever. Unless it eventually comes to light that the game's collectible cards are laced with OxyContin, the maintaining of a notoriously fickle and fad-prone preteen -- and, okay, we admit it, post-teen -- audience seems certain.

Well, one of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s holy days approaches: Yu-Gi-Oh! Tactical Evolution Sneak Preview. The latest expansion of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s wildly addictive collectible-card game is nigh, and this event provides a public unveiling of the fresh set, which introduces new monsters, new rules, and, of course, new cards to covet and haggle over, in addition to tournament play.

But what really has Yu-Gi-Oh!-ites salivating is the introduction of a whole new tier in card rarity: the Holographic Rare -- super-uncommon cards enhanced with sparkling multicolored text and art. And since the sneak peek is about marketing more than anything else, a few of those little prismatic gems might be up for grabs. Just consider wearing a slicker, lest you be splashed by all the geekgasming.


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