Carol Panaro-Smith and Josie Cirincione Host an Ephemera Crawl on Seventh Avenue

To the guaranteed glee of antique hoarders everywhere, Art Intersection's Carol Panaro-Smith and Josie Cirincione are going on an afternoon of local antiquing -- and they'd like to take you along. 

"Vintage ephemera and found objects are a great source of inspiration to mixed-media artists," Panaro-Smith writes. "The field trip objective is to learn how to see ovjects in another light beyond their obvious intended use."

The crawl, slated for November 19, will kick off at Copper Star Coffee Shop and will continue through Seventh Avenue's row of antique stores. 

As the tour continues, the group will discuss ephemera and potential artistic projects and inspirations. 

This year's walk will be the second antique adventure for Panaro-Smith and Cirincione, both local artists who lead a variety of workshops at Art Intersection in Gilbert. 

The tour goes from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (and ends with a lunch at Lux). Registration is available on the Art Intersection website and is $40. 

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