Charged Up

Sure, the Saturday, August 24, Arizona Cardinals home game is still a part of the preseason. Sure, the starters will probably only be in for, like, one series, while second- and third-stringers dink around the field for the remaining two hours and 50 minutes. Sure, you’ll have to deal with refs trying to remember the rules on the field while stadium officials continue to figure out how to enforce the NFL’s new rule requiring all bags brought inside to be clear and within certain size limits. Sure, the game is against the San Diego Chargers, a team that’s not even in our conference. But dammit, it’s still football, and we sure did miss it.

The Chargers-Cardinals preseason game kicks off at 7 p.m. at University of Phoenix Stadium, 1 West Cardinals Drive in Glendale. Tickets are $30 and up. Visit or call 602-379-0102.

Sat., Aug. 24, 7 p.m., 2013


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