Cheap High

We were hanging out at the Trunk Space a few weeks back, listening to an awesome local noise artist, one that we once saw contact mic and rip up a cassette tape at the Grand Avenue venue. Following that set, a crazy, tribal drum-circle band with a vocalist who yelled out Tasmanian Devil-like staccato grunts did its thing. Standing there with a gigantic grin on our face, we thought, man, this is some of the best and most original entertainment in town. If this place ever went down, we would feel :( through and through.

And it’s true. Unlike more pricey entertainment outlets, anyone can hit up the Trunk Space, pay an average of $6, and probably walk away satisfied at night’s end. So if you’re broke as a joke and/or you wanna enjoy a fun night out, scrounge up a dollar’s worth of pocket change and head down to the Space for ValueFest. The Good Shows present seven kickass Phoenix bands, namely Fathers Day, Skinwalkers, Soft Shoulder, Children of Hell, JJCnV, BOLT, and Treasure Mammal’s newest project, Earth, Wind, and Stranger.

Fri., Dec. 26, 7 p.m., 2008


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