Margaret Cho comes out swinging.
Margaret Cho comes out swinging.

Cho 'Nuff

She jokes about giving blowjobs to rescue workers after 9/11. She jokes about the myth of the vaunted G-spot. She even jokes about being fisted. But it isn't comedienne Margaret Cho's brash sexual jokes that have conservative groups protesting.

Cho, a self-professed liberal, will be flying in to fill Dodge Theatre with humorous jabs at, as she tells New Times, "whatever is happening around me that I find interesting and makes me feel like they should be talked about -- things like gay marriage, the Bush administration, and the war on Iraq. All of these topics need to be addressed."

And it's not like Cho hasn't addressed these topics before. In fact, that's where all her trouble started.


Margaret Cho

Dodge Theatre, 400 West Washington Street

Scheduled to perform 8 p.m. Saturday, June 4. Tickets cost $29.50 to $49. Call 602-379-2800.

After a gala performance for in early 2004, hate mail piled up after Cho joked about the Republican National Committee's smear campaign against MoveOn. Cho says excerpts from her comedy routine at the gala were taken out of context and posted on the Drudge Report and Free Republic. In effect, Cho says, her e-mail was rushed with racial blasts from right-wingers. Cho responded by posting the e-mails (complete with the senders' e-mail addresses) on her Web site, Pretty soon, she says, the same people who had insulted her were begging her to take their e-mail addresses off the site because they were receiving mountains of venomous retorts from her fans.

While some may choke on Cho's funny bone, she doesn't want to just preach to the choir. "It doesn't matter if you are conservative or liberal. It's more important if you are competent to really wake up to what's happening in the world," says Cho. "Just because you are with a certain party, [that] doesn't mean that you're going to necessarily believe everything that they do or believe everything that they say. Keep your mind open to everything."

Maybe even that elusive G-spot.


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