Chow Bella Announces a Pie Social Coloring Contest

Chow Bella Announces a Pie Social Coloring Contest

The day has arrived: The love of pie and the love of art have met, and you're invited ... to color and decorate the above pie (two, actually) with your artistic creativity and skills.

In case you haven't heard, our foodie sister blog, Chow Bella, is throwing her very own Pie Social on November 13. And it's guaranteed to be a pie-lover's dream. Think: Pies made by local celebrity chefs (and you!), and even pie crafts. 

So while you wait for the big day to arrive or for your own recipe to materialize, bust out a few pens, markers, paints, whatever, print out the pie .pdf, and send it to us (PO Box 2510, Phoenix, AZ 85002) by October 29.

And yes, we have prizes. Now get coloring!

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