Cirque du Soleil Brings Kooza to University of Phoenix Stadium

Cirque du Soleil Brings Kooza to University of Phoenix Stadium

The performers of Cirque du Soleil aren't shy. In fact, with their gravity-defying stunts, the costume-clad actors aim to make you trip balls while they maintain extraordinary poise.

Basically, Cirque brings together the bendiest, stretchiest, most extreme performers around, but with its new show, Kooza, the troupe veers onto a new path -- not that there's much it hasn't explored.

Kooza tells the tale of an innocent loner with a melancholy disposition interacting with the tough outside world and characters like the pickpocket, king, trickster, and one very loud tourist with his equally annoying dog.

It might sound like a toned down version of the normal Cirque craziness, but don't write it off. This protagonist can twist and contort his way out of anything, but not before he faces obstacles like the high wire, chair balancing, trapeze, teeterboard, and of course, the wheel of death.

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Tickets are $33 to $143.50 and are available on the Kooza website.

-- By Christina Caldwell

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