He's screaming, "Spring breaaaak!"
He's screaming, "Spring breaaaak!"
Courtesy of Clutch Jewelry

Clutch Jewelry's Tasman Wrap Bracelet

Each week Gem features one standout piece from a local shop. Whether it's a jacket, necklace, or handbag, it's on our have-to-have list.

What: When it comes to spring break accessories, we look for pieces that are casual and more adventurous than our everyday bric-a-brac.

That's why we're drawn to Clutch Jewelry's Tasman charm, a metallic version of the two-faced tiki that represents anger and pain -- which naturally we equated to vacation sunburns and the fact that we cannot forever inhabit distant paradisaical 'scapes. To each her own tan lines, right?

Where: Clutch Jewelry's online shop

Cost: The charm is $160 in sterling silver, and shoppers can pick the color of the leather cord -- red, green, yellow, brown, or black.

Style It: In addition to packing a fat, fat bottle of SPF 40 to ensure that you won't resemble the tiki's howling-in-pain side on that econo flight back from vacay, bring along a romper, like Haute Hippie's silk python-print onesie, for lounging, plus metallic sandals from Madewell, and some light reading in the form of a Kate Spade clutch. (We understand the importance of being earnest as well as the importance of appearing too busy reading to care about the nudists/awful people/woo! girls a few lounge chairs down the row).

Should you actually want to tackle some reading while sunbathing (you overachiever, you), Illesteva Frieda's round-frame clear cream acetate sunglasses would come in handy.

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Dapper+Dash's Huckleberry Bow Tie
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