Coke Classic

Drinking. Drugging. Thugging. Odes to these will be legion when Bay Area underground rapper Andre Nickatina brings his subtly named Coke White Tour to Marquee Theatre.

As he has throughout his nearly 20-year recording career -- as well as on his new CD, A Tale of Two Andres -- Nickatina avoids flashy production, keeping his “cocaine raps” stark, even lo-fi. The artist formerly known as Dre Dog effectively employs a flat vocal delivery and a bare-bones rhyming style in reporting on street life in the Fillmore District of his native San Francisco. In the tune “Drug Love,” he raps, “What’s with that drug love?” Throughout his expansive catalog, Nickatina seems to be on a continuous search for an answer to that bleak question.

Fri., Aug. 29, 6:30 p.m., 2008


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