Conversations With My 2-Year-Old is Your New Favorite Web Series

Conversations With My 2-Year-Old is Your New Favorite Web Series

Kids say the darnedest things. But when those same things escape the mouth of a grown man in his underwear, the result is a prefect blend of extremely creepy and equally hilarious.

A new web series by Warmland Films is quickly working its way into the browsers of parents and non-parents alike.

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Conversations With My 2-Year-Old reenacts real conversations that series creator Matther Clarke has had with his daughter Coco, who is incidentally played by a full-grown man, David Milchard.

The series made its debut last week with a sub-two-minute episode in which Clarke is confronted with the bossy maternal-protective behavior of his "toddler." Barely a week since its release, the video has already received over 4 million hits.

Now, as though answering our prayers, Conversations With My 2-Year-Old has returned with another brilliant juxtaposition as Clarke attempts to put Coco (Milchard) to bed. Check it out here:

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