Crafting like a Man with Patrick Murillo: Zine Booklet
Photos by Colin Lecher

Crafting like a Man with Patrick Murillo: Zine Booklet

Some people are crafty, some aren't (i.e. me). It's the way of the world. But taking a cue from Mantastic Crafter Patrick Murillo, I'm training in the art, and hoping to work my way up to

something truly mantastic, all while trying to avoid what Murillo calls a "craftastrophe."

I felt my creative muscles start to stretch this week crafting with Murillo; heck, I felt like I was about to have a creative hernia.

Case in point: this week's project, a zine-style comic booklet.

Like a few of the other projects we've tackled so far in the Crafting like a Man series, this craft combines several skills (none of which I have) into one final product: In this case, a documentation of a story, joke, etc..

As I learned with Murillo's stenciled T-shirt project, an unexpected problem in the crafting profession is writer's block. I had trouble thinking up a phrase to stick on a T-shirt, now I have to throw together an 8-page booklet?

Murillo doesn't have the same problem, and gets cracking right away. I dive into the crafting pool too, and just about drown.

1. Start by taking a standard sheet of white paper and folding it three times, first length-wise, then width-wise, then length-wise again. This should create eight even boxes that will becomes your story panels.

2. Then, using a precision cutting knife, cut a slit along the center of the paper, spanning two boxes.

Now, you should start putting together at least a general idea of what your booklet will be about. After that, there's two ways to go about creating it: You can draw or pillage a magazine.

If you suck at drawing, go with the cutting. If you suck at cutting, go with the drawing. If you suck at both, we should hang out, because we have a lot in common.

I went with cutting from magazines.

3. Fold your paper length-wise, then pinch both ends and push them together, so it creates the eight-page booklet (including covers). Mark page numbers, one through eight, then unfold it again. It makes drawing and gluing easier. 

Crafting like a Man with Patrick Murillo: Zine Booklet

4. Then, start cutting out pictures from magazines that fit with your story. Mine was about a lion telling a joke to a Jackalope; I used drawn-in word bubbles for dialogue. Murillo used quotes from magazine interviews to tell a story.

5. Once you've added what you want (and in the right sequence) to the pages, you're all set.

My final product came out a little bit surreal, since I wasn't sure exactly where I was going with it as I was laying down pictures. On top of that, there's something off to me about cutting up words from magazines and putting them on paper -- a little too ransom-note-esque.

Once we were finished Murillo and I picked up scraps of the magazines and threw them into a cardboard box that doubles as Murillo's trash can. I joke with him that next week he's going to have the trashcan turned into a robot. He laughed, but I'm still not going to be surprised... until next time... 

Crafting like a Man with Patrick Murillo: Zine Booklet


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