Yummy . . .
Yummy . . .

Cream 'n Sugar Makes An Etsy Debut

Looks tasty, doesn't it?

Sorry, everybody. It's not for eating. It's for your skin, which is actually tremendous news because it means this is the one candy box in which you can indulge 100 percent guilt-free.

Local creator, Kathy Monkman, just kicked off her Etsy.com site, Cream 'n Sugar, where she's selling her handmade bath treats.

The site only has a few items right now but they look, well, delicious. But we promise, they're not for consumption. Trust us.

We can't wait to see what other bath bombs, sugar scrub bars and mini bath melts she'll come up with in the future. And, for all you brides out there, she can make custom-themed orders to match your wedding colors and style.

Check out the Sugar 'n Cream Etsy shop here.

(Full Disclosure: Kathy Monkman has freelanced for Phoenix New Times in the past.)


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