Dance Macabre

Remember your high school prom? You know, the night you drank spiked punch, stumbled your way through “Stairway to Heaven,” and landed ass-up in the backseat of your date's rusty Trans Am? Ah, special memories.

Get a prom night do-over at the Fetish Prom 2010 hosted by Horns & Halos (part of the AZ Fetishball Series). The annual kinkfest features hardcore tunes from Android Lust and Slick Idiot, burlesque dancers, and suspension artists hanging from meat hooks embedded in their flesh. Fetish or goth wear is required but if you haven't hit a Hot Topic lately, no worries – an improvised outfit featuring duct tape X’s and a thong will fit right in.

Sat., May 29, 8 p.m., 2010


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