Danielle D'Aleo's 602far

Danielle D'Aleo's 602far
Danielle D'Aleo

Artist: Danielle D'Aleo 

Medium: Mural

I recently relocated to the Detroit area for graduate school, and shortly thereafter, found myself homesick and freezing cold. This piece uses color to represent the landscape, warmth, love, and music of the Valley ... P.S. Go Suns!

The countdown to Best of Phoenix continues! Last year, we profiled 100 Creatives who made a mark on the local arts scene. This year, we'll have 100 creative representations of Phoenix.  No scope or requirement on medium or size -- we'll include photography, painting, sculpture, video, installation, literary, and more. What do you see when you Imagine PHX?

Imagine PHX, so far: 

100: Steven Revering's Westward Ho
99: Jon Ashcroft's Suspended in Geography
98: William LeGoullon's Table
97. Jason Hill's Phoenix Financial Center

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