David Chacon behind La Melgosa

It's about time Phoenix sees some serious mural love. In the interest of giving credit to their artists and because we're losing track of the times we've said, "Woah, when did that go up?", we bring you Mural City, a series on the murals springing up around town -- their artists, their hosts and their inspirations.

David Chacon behind La Melgosa
photos by Claire Lawton

David Chacon says that by the time we put up this post, he'd be on his way to San Francisco. The local artist and toon fanatic painted his last large-scale work in Phoenix over the weekend, and says his mural's a tribute to the neighborhood he's spent a majority of his time in since he started hanging out in the downtown arts scene.

Chacon's mural, on the wall behind La Melgosa on Grand Avenue is a scroll of doodles. Each has its own meaning and connotation, he says, and combined, they're just meant to be a bright addition to the street.   

David Chacon behind La Melgosa
photo by Claire Lawton

When Chacon moved to back to Phoenix from Salt Lake a few years ago, he decided to set up downtown network with a few fellow artists he met during his studies at the Art Institute. There, Chacon says, he was always the kid drawing funny cartoons and "trippy doodles" while his classmates were more focused on anime and graphic design.

You might recognize his work from a few event fliers (for Bikini Lounge's 602'sdays) and signs (for Valley Pizza) around town. He says he's been trying to hustle his artwork, but figures he might as well "make a big go for it in San Francisco" and see if he can pick up recognition and make contacts.

The building's owner and downtown maven Beatrice Moore asked Chacon to paint it before he left town. Moore says she's not too sure he'll be gone for good.

"Well, you know how these young 'uns are. He'll probably be back -- sooner than you think."


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