Dead Sexy

When there’s finally an uprising of the undead, we'd wager that those zombies are heading straight for the beach. Why? That’s the first place everyone with a deathly pallor heads to soak up some sun. With shore patrons preoccupied with hitting the waves and avoiding sand-kicking muscleheads, they’d be sitting ducks for any brain-muncher. The Zombie Bikini Contest on Friday, June 8, will give a glimpse into the inevitable future.

The good folks of Evermore Nevermore are a bit zombie-fied themselves. After closing their shop last December, the purveyors of all things comic books, steampunk, and horror continue to support the local pop culture and alternative art scene. The undead taking to the catwalk continues their tradition of honoring posthumous ladies in skimpy swimwear vying for titles of sexiest zombie, scariest zombie, and best makeup and costume. Valley comics maven Russ Kazmierczak will emcee the fun at One Oh One Gallery.

Fri., June 8, 8:30 p.m., 2012


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