Degeneration X

If you felt Grindhouse was too polished (and lacking in T&A) to be mistaken for true ´70s exploitation cinema, Jonathan Yudis’ 2003 Pervert! doesn’t make the same “mistake”; it’s as shamelessly bad as can be, with naked, pendulous breasts nudging their way into almost every frame – context be damned.

Chief mammarywielder is the often-drunk, sometimes-gubernatorial-candidate Mary Carey, jiggling her way though each scene like 450 pounds of Jell-O. A nymphomaniac, she rounds (ahem) out a cast that includes a wild old coot whose passion is sculpting meat, a recovering compulsive masturbator, and a nurse who occasionally forces analingus on her patients. Throw in a murderous, disembodied stop-motion erection and you have a movie as irresistibly watchable as a public execution.

As an homage to Russ Meyer films, it stumbles (Carey is a bit too Rubenesque by even Meyer’s standards, and none of his movies is quite so insane), but its 81-minute run time and ADHD-friendly pacing make it an easy watch. Like any bad movie, the more people you see it with, the better it gets, so Midnite Movie Mamacita’s screening is ideal.


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