Diamond Jubilee

There’s an annoying tendency amongst dark horse teams in Major League Baseball that tends to vex their fans to no end. Losing clubs will transform virtually overnight into hard-charging contenders and experience a Cinderella-like season, only to collapse and settle back into mediocrity the next year.

With any luck, this year’s Arizona Diamondbacks -- who shocked the baseball world last season with an unlikely turnaround that included winning National League West – will avoid said fate and once again reign supreme. Most of the crew is back for the 2012 campaign, including pitching aces Ian Kennedy and Daniel Hudson, sluggers Justin Upton and Miguel Montero, and crowd favorite Ryan “Tatman” Roberts.

If the D-Backs are gonna repeat their pennant-clinching feat, they’ll have to continue dominating division rivals like the fearsome San Francisco Giants, who will visit Chase Field for Arizona’s opening day.

Fri., April 6, 4:10 p.m., 2012


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