Dirty Sexy Munny

Now in her 50th year, Barbie, festooned in all kinds of lavish outfits, has had more special editions than Star Wars. In comparison, Munny is the hard-scrabble kid from the wrong side of the tracks, as bare as the day the eight-inch vinyl figure was created by toy juggernaut Kid Robot.

While anyone can splash the blank dolls with their own personal paint jobs, we love that the exhibit “Munny Grubbers” gives a home to some of the little buggers that have been style-rocked by true pros. Toy genius Nervis Wr3k curated the show, which features a laundry list of DIY-decorating heavy hitters from all over North America. Snooping around, we saw some sweet online sneak peeks from Follow the White Rabbit (a.k.a. Emily Beaulieu) and Zombuki creator P Brigette Coovert that put that spoiled Mattel belle to shame.

Aug. 9-31, 2009


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