Doc Jumping

The typical American suffers from a short attention span. The DOXITA documentary film festival caters to that malady. No film in the annual roundup is more than 22 minutes long, so about the time that interest wanes, the short wraps. And, per organizers, each movie is selected to spotlight something seemingly obscure, but visually viable.

The lineup includes Wagah, an observation of spectators at the India-Pakistan border during a flag ceremony, and Guañape Sur, which follows Peruvian workers journeying to an island to harvest bird guano. My Name is Sydney chronicles the communication struggles of an autistic girl, while Arsy Versy is a quirky portrait of a man obsessed with bat watching. Largely untouched topics? Yes. Boring? Uh, no.

Mon., July 16, 7 p.m., 2012


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