Dog Day

Cats may be the Internet sensation, but dogs are equally deserving of their own special celebration. For the people who dress their dogs in costume, pick up strays on the side of the road, and create Facebook profiles for their beloved canines, AZK9 hosts a day of drinks and discussion over man's best friend dubbed a pup crawl.

This barhopping brigade of animal lovers will work its way via light rail through owntown's Gypsy Bar, Copper Blues, Seamus McCaffrey's, and more with custom made T-shirts, giveaways, and games throughout the night.

Just don't blame us in the morning when you need hair of the dog that bit ya.

Check-in for the Saturday, June 22, pub crawl is from 4 to 5 p.m. at George and Dragon English Pub, 4240 North Central Avenue. Admission can include rail tickets, discounted drinks, t-shirts, giveaways, and more depending on your payment of $20, $40, or $60 registration fee. To register for this event visit

Sat., June 22, 5 p.m., 2013


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