Old Brickhouse gonna mic it -- you know you're gonna like it.
Old Brickhouse gonna mic it -- you know you're gonna like it.
courtesy of Scribble magazine

Dope Flows

THU 6/9
Now that the old school's all grown up, and seminal rap group Sugar Hill Gang is doing festival tours with unlikely matches like Lisa Lisa and Stevie B., Scribble magazine must look to urban culture once again to find the next innovator in underground hip-hop. On Thursday, June 9, the Scribble Jam MC Battle tour scopes out the Old Brickhouse Grill, 1 East Jackson. Local lyricists can test their lip service in the battle, and the winner gets to fly to the main event in Cincinnati to compete for $10,000. Graffiti artists, freestyle sessions, a b-boy expo, and live music from Mr. Dibbs, Blueprint, Illogic, and Glue round out the jam. The flows start at 8 p.m., and tickets cost $13 to $15. Call 602-258-7880 for more information. To register for the battle, visit www.scribblemagazine.com. -- Niki D'Andrea

Testosterone Theater
Chorus boys do lunch

Damn, Butch, seems like there's never nothin' to do in the middle of the day once we've given our truck a tune-up and scoured the paper for tool sales at hardware stores. But Big Jim told me 'bout this Lunch Time Theater thing at 12:10 p.m. at the Herberger Theater Center, 222 East Monroe, called The Manly Man's Musical Review. It's supposed to be about these regular dudes like us who team up with a piano man in a testosterone-charged musical. Hell, it's only $5, and that's a lot less than we'd spend on dancers at the Beaver Shot. So let's call 602-254-7399. The show runs from Tuesday, June 14, through June 23. -- Niki D'Andrea


Scribble Jam MC Battle tour

Beyond Folk
Janis Ian gets deep

FRI 6/10
Seems like Janis Ian's monster hit "At Seventeen" has been the soundtrack to every tale of adolescent angst, both public and private, since it hit the airwaves in 1975. But Ian's oeuvre is deeper and wider than that, illuminating issues such as interracial romance, sexual abuse, and (in columns for The Advocate and Performing Songwriter) everything from lesbian chic to the Internet "debacle." She sang the very first Egg McMuffin jingle, and everyone from Midler to Masaka has covered her songs. On Friday, June 10, at 8 p.m., Ian supports her latest album, Billie's Bones, with a 21-and-older show at The Camp at Cave Creek Coffee Company & Wine Bar, 6033 East Cave Creek Road in Cave Creek. The outdoor venue's temperature is typically several degrees cooler than downtown Phoenix. Mini-road trip! For tickets, $24, visit www.frontgatetickets.com or call 888-512-7469. -- Julie Peterson


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