Downtown's Caravan Inn

Downtown's Caravan Inn
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Postcard

The back of the postcard reads: Phoenix' most modern inn combines motor hotel convenience with metropolitan hotel service. Phoenix and Scottsdale shopping centers are close by. The Oasis, intimate restaurant and cocktail lounge in Caravan Inn East, is one of Phoenix' most popular dining places.

The countdown to 
Best of Phoenix  continues!  Last year, we profiled 100 Creatives who made a mark on the local arts scene. This year, we'll have 100 creative representations of Phoenix.   No scope or requirement on medium or size -- we'll include photography, painting, sculpture, video, installation, literary, and more. What do you see when you Imagine PHX?

98: William LeGoullon's Table

96.  Kyle DeWitt's Tempe Center for the Arts

89.  Arnold Guerrero's Camelback Mountain

88.  Sean Deckert's Ginae vs. the 12th Street Gang  

87.  Pete Petrisko's Admiral of Phoenix

86.  Quincy Ross' Lone Skyscraper

85.  Andrew Armstrong's Illustrated Cityscape  

84.  Thomas Schultz's Phoenix Artifact

83.  Adrian Lesoing's N. Evergreen

82.  Suzanne Falk's Kon Tiki Hotel

81.  Lindz Lew's Bon Voyeur

80.  Kevin Patterson's Phoenix Swamp Beast

79.  Ramy Sidarous' Three Windows

78.  Will Mejia's Orpheum Theatre

77.  Steve Weiss' Portrait of Louis Lee

76.  Larry Willis' Apparition on East McDowell

75.  Claire Warden's Untitled No. 3

74.  Randy Zucker's Dancing Saguaro

73.  Robert Brandan Martinez's Medical Cannabis Tax Stamp

72.  Edward Jensen's Phoenix Financial Center

70.  Mark Dudlik's Phoenix Rebound

66.  Eric Iwersen's The Saguaros Have Been Here the Longest

43.  Jill Johnson's Downtown Is ...

39.  Sebastien Millon's "Phoenix. It's Fabulous."

And, hey! It's lunch time. Check out Chow Bella's 100 Favorite Dishes for some foodie inspiration. 

Have a suggestion for a Phoenix icon by a local creative? Leave it in the comments section or email

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