Downtown's First Friday (Dec. 2)

Art walks are more often about people watching and shenanigans and less about the actual art. We're here to guide you through both. Presenting our very own Field Guide -- an evolving guide to art walks around town.

From time to time, we'll introduce some of our favorite spots and dish out some insider information. If you have any tips or tricks, share 'em in the comments section.

Click on the image (or right here) for a full-size version and grab a printed version at a few of the galleries Downtown ...EXPAND
Click on the image (or right here) for a full-size version and grab a printed version at a few of the galleries Downtown ...
illustration by Claire Lawton
More First Friday hints and details after the jump ... 

(A Few) on the Map

Downtown's First Friday (Dec. 2)
Casebeer and Randal Wilson
- Turn on the Shower and Run @ First Studio
New work and "collected weirdness" by Casebeer and Randall Wilson, to the tune of live music by Joe Myers. 

Pieces large and small (and we hear a camera crew) will be at First Studio, 631 N. First Ave., from 7 to 10 p.m.. More info here

Downtown's First Friday (Dec. 2)
"Job Seekers" by Dr. J Eugene Grigsby Jr.
- Dr. Grigsby at Regular Gallery
Just a month or so after Dr. Eugene Grigsby Jr.'s 93rd birthday, the African-American artist and educator will hang his latest work at Downtown's Regular Gallery. 

Grigsby's known for his artwork and involvement in the community as well as his dedication to arts education in local schools; he taught and served as art department chairman at Phoenix Union High School and was a professor in the School of Art at ASU for more than 20 years. 

A collection of his work, as well as copies of his latest print, which he created for the opening, will be on view during December's First Friday at Regular Gallery, 918 North Sixth Street, from 6 to 9 p.m.. More info here.

Downtown's First Friday (Dec. 2)
Crafeteria goods
- Crafeteria @ Medlock Plaza
Hope you've been saving up for some serious spending. More than 45 local creatives and crafters will be selling their 100 percent handmade goods tonight in the parking lot at Medlock Plaza (on Camelback and Central Ave.) from 6 to 10 p.m.. 

Check out a few vendors that we're excited about here

New work by Monica Robles @ The Lab
The Lab at 137 Roosevelt will feature the latest metal and collage work of co-founder Monica Robles. Doors are open from 7 to 10 p.m.. More info here

- Pete Deise @ 1024 NW Grand
Local sculptor Pete Deise will show (and sell!) his "bite-sized" works tonight at 1024 SW Grand Ave. from 6 to 9 p.m. More info here

Other Useful Information:​

​​- The Phoenix Art Museum has great parking (and great art, go figure), and is back as one of the stops for the First Friday Trolley. On-street parking is limited along Roosevelt Street between First and Seventh streets (Note: meters downtown are still checked until 8 p.m.). Or if you can nab a spot, check out the free street parking on Grand Avenue ...

- If you missed it, our 15 limited-edition jackalope sticker by Lauren Kinney will be making its debut tonight! (Find a few at each location on the map.)

Happy Friday!

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