Drama Queens

Drag queens are known for their dramatic behavior. Duh. In a business where the prettiest, most charismatic man-lady brings home the most dollar bills at the end of the night, things can get pretty competitive.

Theatergoers get a look at what happens when drag queens go from “Girl, those shoes are killer,” to “Girl, there’s a killer on the loose,” in the play Diva Down. The original murder mystery written by local troupe director David Salcido premieres at The Rock.

Salcido explores the secret lives of drag queens, beyond the hairspray, makeup, and wigs, in this titillating stage show. The plot revolves around the life and death of one Helena Titsling (oh yes, “Titsling”) and the investigation into finding her vengeful killer.

Thu., Aug. 25, 8 p.m., 2011


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