Dressed to Swill

Think your storybook marriage is gonna last forever, newlyweds? Try asking the 23,140 couples who got divorced in Arizona in 2010, for a rate higher than the national per capita average. While such statistics are gloomy for anyone about to become betrothed, it’s a positive situation for the madcap merrymakers of the Arizona Cacophony Society, since there’s likely a wealth of used wedding dresses available at local thrift stores.

Women and men alike will be clad in these white secondhand frocks during the group’s annual Brides of March bar crawl. Organizers haven’t announced exactly which part of town will be invaded by the flock of beer-drinking Bridezillas, but it's typically in areas populated by a huge variety of bars, such as Mill Avenue.

Sat., March 17, noon, 2012


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