Drumming Up Business

Open since late April, the Musical Instrument Museum has already gained oodles of accolades from pleased locals as well as big-time nationals (legendary crooner and noted museum-goer Tony Bennett gave The MIM props as being better than New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art). In addition to its wondrous collection of instruments from around the globe, we love that the venue has become a haven for world-class musicians like the On Ensemble.

Masato Baba, Kristofer Bergstrom, Shoji Kameda, and Kelvin Underwood are accomplished musicians that came together in 2002 to form the On (pronounced "ohn") Ensemble. Since then, they've been delivering taiko Japanese drumming fused with jazz, hip hop, and electronic sensibilities that range from frenetic, high-energy compositions to carefully pensive pieces.

Sat., June 26, 7:30 p.m., 2010


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