Eat, Prey, Shove

Tie on your couture bib -- it’s time for the 33rd Annual Scottsdale Culinary Festival, where the elite and effete meet to eat. Bring a hearty appetite and gorge yourself on over a dozen events featuring grub from local restaurants including Petite Maison and Ocean Prime, celebrity chef seminars by Food Network’s Robin Miller, and enough wine and spirits to flood Chaparral Lake.

Sure, events such as Wednesday’s Tribute Dinner for Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten of J&G Steakhouse and Thursday’s Friends of James Beard Benefit might empty your wallet faster than they fill your plate, but fete organizers Scottsdale League for the Arts put the proceeds toward funding arts and art education, including culinary scholarships.

If you still don’t relish dishing out up to $200 for the choicer soirees, then you won’t find a better deal than the Great Arizona Picnic, a king’s table of restaurant food at prices to please a peasant’s purse.

April 5-10, 2011


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