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Taking celebrity advice on how to get (and stay) skinny is glamorous and tempting. But once Tracy Anderson’s personal trainer bills arrive, gung-ho gals realize the pilates classes are full of snotty, competitive yuppies, and Bethenny Frankel’s intense calorie restrictions are revealed as bananas (but you may not eat the bananas), the A-list shimmer fades and the fat returns.

That’s why only normal people should be trusted when it comes to diminishing dimply thighs and flabby midsections. That’s also why we’re interested in what Tempe-based author, anti-dieter, and nutritionist Dee McCaffrey does to keep off weight. Formerly obese, McCaffrey lost 100 pounds and has maintained a healthy weight since eliminating processed foods from her diet. Her latest book The Science of Skinny ($16.99) digs into sustainable healthy eating and fitness.

Fri., July 20, 7 p.m., 2012


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