Depending on whom you ask, hipsters either provide salvation or ruination to dive bars. When fashionable types latch onto a particular hole-in-the-wall, they tend to bring a ton of additional drinkers wielding disposable income.

At the same time, all the attention can erode a dive's cool factor and turn it into "just another hipster bar," which tends to drive away the regular blue-collar clientele.

Hopefully, this won't ever happen with Philthy Phil's.

This 16th Street alcoholic oasis has been one of our favorite places to daydrink and has become ground zero for hipsterdom since the Craig Citizen and the rest of the Party Foul! DJ ensemble launched Ransom at the place earlier this year.

Philthy's popularity has been growing ever since, which might have been one of the many reasons why it's started hosting two new hepcat dance nights in recent weeks.

Zachary J., Benni Beatnik, Joshie, and the other residents of Electrostatic moved their Tuesday night party to the place a few weeks back, ditch Sanctum in favor of Phil's more relaxed vibe. It still has the same mix of music (electro, dubstep, fidget, nu-disco, and indie remixes) only in a far more laidback setting.

Tuesdays, 9 p.m., 2010


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