Wedding Abominations...This is Truly Awful, Folks

You're going to want to keep that cart at "0."
You're going to want to keep that cart at "0."
You're going to want to keep that cart at "0."

We know darn well we aren't the first to do a blog post about some of the awfulness that can happen on

So, in keeping with our ongoing wedding coverage, we've taken inspiration from (whose author is also a bride-to-be, check out her most recent column on to provide this visual journey of some of the worst wedding-related items has to offer.


Drop the "i" and this makes perfect sense.

On your wedding day, take style advice from someone who chose



Made for that special bride who doesn't own a pair of nail clippers.

Perfect for your wedding at Grandma's property in Ft. Lauderdale.

Because this is how Dad always wanted to be remembered.

This list is a continuation of our wedding coverage in Phoenix and beyond ... For more wedding shenanigans and resources check out

10 Annoying Wedding Trends

Wedding Online Resources for Phoenix Brides-to-be

, and

Lame Bridal Shower Games

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