Evermore Nevermore, Mike Posner, and Carnegie Over the Weekend

Encredicon at Evermore Nevermore Second Friday in Mesa was particularly exciting this month thanks to Evermore Nevermore's Encredicon; a tiny convention featuring big (and local) comic talent. Attendees also got to check out a comic book-inspired fashion show...see photos

Mike Posner at Marquee Theatre Last Night After taking off his jacket to show that it was time for him to really get down, he told the crowd they were far superior to the audience he played to in Tucson a few months prior. The sea of hands wouldn't stop waving through Mike's whole set...full story

Carnegie of Silver Medallion Killed in Car Accident This is some heavy-duty bad news that I have the unfortunate task of reporting: Carnegie, one half of Scottsdale/NYC hip-hop duo Silver Medallion was killed in a car accident early this morning...full story


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