Exchange Mates

When it comes to expectations of foreign exchange students, flicks like Summer School and American Pie set us up for disappointment. In actuality, teenage boys who use high-powered binoculars to spy on the hot, sexy, half-naked exchange student next door often wind up with an eyeful of skinny band geek instead.

At least with an artist exchange program, the only expectations involve the quality of the art that’s produced during the switch. Local photogs Jason Grubb and Michael Matlach recently traveled to Himeji, Japan (one of Phoenix’s Sister Cities) via one such program, with the goal of capturing images of the landscape and culture of their host city.

The resulting photos are on display in a group exhibition titled “Through Each Other’s Eyes” at Method Art in Scottsdale. Also included are images of our desert home as seen through the eyes -- and camera lenses -- of visiting Japanese photographers Matsushita Toshikazu and Shindo Naotaka.

Thu., June 2, 6 p.m., 2011


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