Fight Scene Stealer

Quentin Tarantino has received flack for stealing scenes from other movies. Take the show-down in Kill Bill -- it looks an awful lot like the fight scene in Noribumi Suzuki's Sex and Fury. Sure, everything's been done before but that's why we love him (or hate him).

No doubt Quinten gets inspiration from other vintage martial arts films, and Sister Street Fighter is no exception. The tagline of this over-the-top 1974 sequel to the Sonny Chiba franchise “A ladykiller meets a lady killer.” Protagonist Koryu Lee uses her karate skills to fight her way through the Yokohama underworld in search of her brother, who was forced into the drug trade. She’s a no-nonsense gal who’s the focus of the May 25 installment of Ms. Behaving cinema, a series focused on badass women in film.

Sat., May 25, 10 p.m., 2013


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