Five Favorite Boutique Fitness Studios in Metro Phoenix

If variety's the spice of life, then a big-box gym rat's existence must be oh-so bland.

In fact, training yourself to a treadmill day in and day out is downright dull -- especially when so many other options are available.

Personalizing and diversifying a workout routine is easier than ever, thanks to boutique fitness studios. Here are five of our favorites in and around Phoenix.

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Ballet Fusion Fitness When your dance-crazed pals tell you they've found a BFF, better do a double check. They're likely talking about the Ballet Fusion Fitness, a Mesa-based studio that offers a range of movement classes. Test your toes in a classical ballet course (you'll find courses for total newbs and seasoned pointe practitioners) or seriously sweat during Ballerobica, belly dancing, and ballet boxing. Do all those and you'll still have plenty of booty-shaking (and -shaping) routines to try, like floor barre and latin. Your first class is free. After that, drop-in costs $12. Classes can also be purchased by quantity or as monthly memberships. See more at

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