Five Life Lessons Learned from Phoenix Comicon 2012

3. Given a common meeting ground and a captive audience, creatives will always thrive.

While celebrities attending Comicon received top billing, a large showing of burgeoning creatives showed up to plug their work. We met up with Nathan Blackwell, creator of the independently produced

Star Trek


Voyage Trekkers


Blackwell made his debut at Phoenix Comicon and kept up a steady production of short films. Voyage Trekkers is the culmination of years spent gathering a community of cinema-minded geeks to create something with "a sense of yay."

2. Comics can (and always will) bridge the generation gap. The most heartwarming stuff we learned was the cuteness of the Satan-worshiping D&D generation's children. We watched a precocious little pirate beat the heck out of a Predator with a foam sword in a crosswalk, and the group-costuming alone was enough to trigger a neurotic breakdown.

The next generation of Comicon attendees was a heartwarming reminder that the family-friendly nature of the event provides tikes with the memories they'll need to carry the Trekkie torch for their folks.

Five Life Lessons Learned from Phoenix Comicon 2012

1. Shatner doesn't always have to be the star. William Shatner is the best space grandpa a nerd could have, and his Saturday keynote address gave the rest of the convention a warm wrap-up. "You're not here for us," he said, referring to the celebrity signings and other fan-service, "you're here for you."

During a series of impromptu interviews outside the convention center, the resounding answer was, "I came to meet other like-minded people." We don't go to comicon for the comics; we go to comicon to meet other people who won't react to "Who's better, Kirk or Picard?" With a raised eyebrow and a sarcastic smirk.

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