Five Summer Dance Classes in Metro Phoenix

Five Summer Dance Classes in Metro Phoenix
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With festival, conference, and "palooza" season at an end, we're looking for new ways to fill our precious hours of free time. The next few months will be all about indoor activities, but that's no excuse to avoid breaking a sweat.

With the rest of the pop culture -- Dancing with the Stars contestants and crazy dramatic Dance Moms included -- world hell bent on finding out who can dance and who can't, it's time to embrace the trend get moving. And here are five places in Phoenix to get started ...

Five Summer Dance Classes in Metro Phoenix
quinn.anya via Flickr

5. The School of Ballet Arizona 3645 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix

There's a little part inside any kid that wants to be a ballerina, twirling around in a pretty pink tutu. Well, it might be a little too late for the tutu part (unless you're Bob Carey), but Ballet Arizona does offer classes for at a range of levels seven days a week. Classes are open to adults and teens ages 16 and up.

Single drop-in classes are $18, no dress code, though ballet slippers are required.

4. Fifth Row Dance Studios 513 E. Roosevelt St.

Located on Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix, this studio offers a variety of classes including Modern Contemporary ($8, single class), Flow Yoga ($10, single class) and multiples level of Flamenco. The studio, which opened earlier this spring, is the new home of Flamenco Por La Vida. You may recognize the troupe from its three-years entertaining diners at Gallo Blanco at the Clarendon Hotel.

Classes are scheduled throughout the week with Fridays reserved as an open studio day. See the Flamenco Pour La Vida website for more information and a complete schedule.

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