For the Record

Even the severest of turkey hangovers can be cured with a little hair of the dog. For Black Friday shoppers, a sale will get them outta bed just as easily. That’s why Americans make a post-Thanksgiving holiday of gorging on department store sales and Auntie Anne's Pretzels as a means of curing those lingering calorie comas.

A similar desire for a tangible, out-of-house consumption orgy is what has prompted vinyl shops nationwide to re-create fall version of the hugely popular Record Store Day -- an April holiday in its own right. Valley record shops will offer ginormous discounts, plus tons of exclusive releases and limited pressings, because deep down everyone knows giving the gift of music the ol' fashioned way is cooler than the ultra generic, ever ubiquitous iTunes gift card.

Fri., Nov. 25, 10-midnight, 2011


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