Fragmented (and Wearable) Chronicles by Shannnam

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Fragmented (and Wearable) Chronicles by Shannnam
Shannnam via designboom

Because nothing says "the holiday season" like a snow globe or "my ring is way cool to just wear during the holiday season" like a small-scale story, Hong Kong-based designers Chan Oi Yau Riyo and Kwong Ho Sun Howard joined forces to created Fragmented Chronicles.

The rings, made from more than 100 different scenes with tiny characters and landscapes, are portable stories (and great conversation starters).

Fragmented (and Wearable) Chronicles by Shannnam

The duo describe the rings as "a glimmer, a touch, a place, a continuity, a dream captured

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within suspended streams of consciousness, sees the good, the bad & the ugly...idly volatile."

Their designs are currently on display at Tokyo Designers week, are for sale at their store on Haven Street in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong,  and will soon be available for purchase on the company's website.

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