Future of Phoenix Frank Lloyd Wright House Is Up to the Buyer ... Here are Seven More FLW's on the Market

Future of Phoenix Frank Lloyd Wright House Is Up to the Buyer ... Here are Seven More FLW's on the Market
The David Wright House, ModernPhoenix.net

The future of the David Wright House in Scottsdale is looking grim.

The historic home, built by Frank Lloyd Wright at 5212 East Exeter in the early 1950s, was recently purchased by Nevada-based 8081 Meridian LLC for $1.8 million (the prior owner, JT Morning Glory Enterprises LP, purchased it from the Wright family for $2.8 million in 2009).

And when 8081 Meridian expressed plans to redevelop the land, split the property and "relocate" of all existing structures on the site, fur began to fly in the architecture, historic preservation, and development communities.

Future of Phoenix Frank Lloyd Wright House Is Up to the Buyer ... Here are Seven More FLW's on the Market
The David Wright House. Photo by Scott Jarson, http://azarchitecture.com

The house is absolutely unique, says Scott Jarson, a local artist, writer and real estate agent whose firm specializes in architecturally unique homes. It was designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 1950s, the home is the only residence in which the architect used a spiral plan (the same plan he used for the Guggenheim Museum in New York, which was built six years later). Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation members say that several architectural historians and architecture critics consider it to be among the 20 most significant Wright buildings.

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And they have less than 60 days to save it.

After the Historic Preservation Foundation, the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy of Chicago, and local Frank Lloyd Wright advocates filed for a historic preservation overlay and Landmark Designation, 8081 Meridian postponed their redevelopment plans are are now in the middle of a 60-day wait period (ending August 21) to see if they can find a new buyer willing to preserve it (a listing price was not provided).

"[8081 Meridian] will most likely bulldoze this unique example of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture unless some way is found to preserve the house," write members of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy of Chicago. "Time is running out ..."

No offers have been made on the 2,553 sq ft house -- though we think it'd make for a nice Guggenheim satellite museum -- that Wright built for his son, David Wright on more than 2 acres with views of Camelback Mountain.

It's one of six residences designed by Wright in Phoenix. Other local Frank Lloyd Wright properties include Taliesin West Sun Cottage, Pieper House, Price, Harold Sr. House, Lykes House, Adelman, Benjamin Residence, Pauson House, Boomer House, Pauson House, Carlson House, Gammage Memorial Auditorium, and Ocatillo Desert Camp. And while none of the above are up for sale, we found a few noteworthy residences you might want to snatch up around the country before they also become endangered.

Andrew B. & Maude Cooke House
Andrew B. & Maude Cooke House

7. Andrew B. & Maude Cooke House YEAR BUILT: 1953 CONTACT: Jane and Daniel Duhl, owners 757.491.2083 Frank Lloyd Wright designed the house in 1953 as a vacation home on Crystal Lake outside of New York. The home features a gym, sauna, swim spa/hot tub, deep water boat dock with access to the Atlantic Ocean.

Robert Emmond House
Robert Emmond House

6. Robert Emmond House YEAR BUILT: 1892 CONTACT: Margaret McSheehy Historic Homes Realty 708.848.0190, 708.288.9957 PRICE: $1,275,000

The Robert Emmond house is on a one third of an acre within walking distance of downtown La Grange, Illinois. The home has one of the earliest examples of Wright-designed furniture in the living room and has more than 38 leaded art-glass windows.

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