Gallery 2345: "Attitude and Gratitude"

Zarco Guerrero stands in front of his theatrical masks.
Zarco Guerrero stands in front of his theatrical masks.
Jill Keig

​Just south of Sky Harbor Airport rests a small building that just months ago knew only the looks of files, wastebaskets and government workers. On May 14, its walls began to look a little different.

More than 15 local artists are currently on display in Sheila Martin-Castillo's Gallery 2345. While each artist has his or her own individualized space, the gallery is a cohesive project.

Zarco Guerrero's theatrical masks and wooden sculptures that are on display reflect his Japanese training and commitment to social justice -- damned if he isn't a dead ringer for Che Guevara. 

And if you've spent time at Pasta Bar or Copper Star Coffee, you might recognize Stacie Schimke's black and white photographs, which are also on display at 2345. 

The gallery's next event, titled "Attitude and Gratitude" will open on June 4th from 4-9 pm. The gallery will feature new exhibits twice monthly and is open weekends and by appointment.

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