Get to Know a Baseball Wife: Introducing Jordana Lenz

Baseball "wife" Jordana Lenz
Baseball "wife" Jordana Lenz

Vh1's latest reality endeavor, Baseball Wives, is based in (where else?) spring training hotspot Scottsdale. The show features Anna Benson, Erika Monroe Williams, Chantel Kendall, Tanya Grace, Brooke Villone, and Jordana Lenz.

The vaguely sporty premise? Six women with romantic ties to pro baseballers pick fights, form catty alliances, throw ridiculous parties, and are socially bound together by the covenant of reality programming whether that they like each other or not. (Our bets are on option number two.)

Each woman has a story, and we're dishing the juicy deets.

Ahoy, lady.
Ahoy, lady.

Name: Jordana Lenz

Reputation: The golddigger-party girl. Bartender Jordana is the youngest of the bunch, looks like she was plucked straight from an ASU sorority, and, hilariously enough, she is not nor has ever been a baseball wife. Jordana falls into the category of baseball ex-girlfriend, although she's rumored to be playing the field.

Baseball Husband: Lenz used to date Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan, and, based on an incident on the show in which she spotted him at a hotel and proceeded to freak out, girl is not over it.

Get to Know a Baseball Wife: Introducing Jordana Lenz

Quotable quips:  "There's no difference between me and them, besides a diamond ring on my finger."

Claim(s) to Fame: Lenz is really riding this I-used-to-date-a-baseball-player train until the damn thing runs off the tracks. We really aren't sure how it hasn't already.

Where's the beef?: In the past few eps, Jordana, feeling snubbed by her castmates (particualar backstabby Brooke and snobby Erika), has allied herself with Anna Benson (who we got to know last week). 'Cause she's the only one who'll have her.

Catch Baseball Wives on VH1 Sundays at 10 p.m.

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