Visitors shop at the November 27 Artwerks' event.
Visitors shop at the November 27 Artwerks' event.
photo by Lynne Ericksson

Glendale's Artwerks Lateral 58: A Grassroots Arts Effort

Glendale is dipping its toes into the Valley art walk scene once again with "Artwerks Lateral 58", a newly developed grassroots project started by the local art community.

This First Saturday morning walk, named for the city's newly renovated walkway at 58th Avenue, stays true to the standard art walk recipe: Live painting and music, open galleries and art on public display. Event coordinators hope the art walk will revive the art scene and bring more visitors to the downtown district.

Tina Angotti and musicians play at the Nov. 27 Artwerks event
Tina Angotti and musicians play at the Nov. 27 Artwerks event
photo by Lynne Ericksson
The event, which will run this Saturday, will take a holiday break and return Feb. 5 on the first Saturday or every month through May 7. Event coordinators say they still have space open to artist admissions on all skill levels.

​Annie Loyd, founder of the FUSION Foundation, which specializes in building bridges between the community and government entitites, says this art walk is different than other Valley art events in that it's family friendly, held during the day, and makes strong efforts to get local students to participate. 

The project's timing is ideal, because residents and business owners have been wanting to revitalize the soul of downtown, and art is the perfect tool to do that, Loyd says. 

City of Glendale liaison and event coordinator Justine Cornelius says Lateral 58  blends the new arts district and downtown's history together -- what has grown into an antiques hot spot over the years, is now looking for some upcoming creative energy.

"Glendale actually had something similar in the '60s," Cornelius says. "We figured the city needs to be involved because we wanted to be a part of that art and culture experience."

To apply as an artist to participate, email


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