Golden Boy

Recently fashion designer Ralph Lauren came under fire for the outfits he created for Team USA to wear during the Olympics opening ceremony. Turns out his preppy patriotic duds were made in China instead of the team's home turf. However, if the international competition's history is any indication, the fashions likely will prove fleeting (think: Flo-Jo nails) and the gold medal winners will prevail in memory.

Take four-time Paralympic gold medalist Tony Volpentest, for instance. The American runner, who was born without hands or feet, has set world records with speedy 100- and 200-meter race times. Instead of the cheesy track jacket he wore back, fans remember he carried the Torch at the 1996 games in Atlanta. Now nominated for entry into the Olympic Hall of Fame, Volpentest recounts his experiences in his memoir Fastest Man in the World: The Tony Volpentest Story ($16.95), which he'll sign at Changing Hands Bookstore.

Thu., July 26, 2012


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