Grand Endeavor

There's a dusty adage that says your likelihood of scoring with the opposite sex increases if you’re in a band or a movie. Double score if you're in a movie about being in a band. If that's true, that makes our very own instrument-wielding all-stars Andrew Jackson Jihad, Haunted Cologne, Treasure Mammal, and Asleep in the Sea the hottest hotties in our hot desert town. Or at least they will be after Samurai Comics and Beat Films present the event called “Hooked on Phoenix” showcasing Eli Kruger's music documentary Phoenix Rising.

The locally created and produced indie-band flick centers on the Grand Avenue underground music scene, according to Kruger. "When I saw the Jihad, I was blown away," he says. "I've seen a lot of shows at a lot of places around town, but what they're doing at the Trunk Space is totally revolutionary." Shot entirely at Trunk, Phoenix Rising features live performances by some of the best-known -- and soon to be best-loved -- bands in town.

The event will also feature live sets by Male Pattern Radness, Dangerville, and Ray Reeves and the Phoenix $onz.

Sat., March 29, 9 p.m., 2008


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