Grand Slam

When it comes to poet, performance artist, photographer, improviser, and Grand Avenue Live! talk-show host Kevin Patterson, we either love him, hate him, or sum up his well-meaning presence with a universal-size sigh. However, there’s no doubt how we’ll feel during the Kevin Patterson Roast, where he will be verbally drilled, brutally made fun of, and possibly spat upon. (Awesome. Definitely save us a seat front and center.) Basically, we are going to hate the rat bastard, or at least hate on him, because that’s what participants and audience members are encouraged to do. The event will also function as the official handing over of the Grand Avenue Live! reins to new host David Tabor. Thank goodness. The tentative list of roasters who will drown Patterson in the proverbial dunk tank include Bill Campana, JRC, Dangerville, and Andrew Jemske.
Thu., June 5, 8 p.m., 2008


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