Guarding Test

A lot can change in two years -- just ask Goran Dragic. As member of the Phoenix Suns 2010, Dragic turned heads with an amazing playoff run that was headlined by a ridiculous 23-point fourth quarter against the Spurs. That performance made it seem all but certain that Dragic would be the heir-apparent to Steve Nash. Fast-forward to today, and Dragic is riding the bench in Houston while the Suns seemed destined to spend the next few seasons in the lottery.

Dragic will try to reclaim his mojo when his Rockets visit US Airways Center, 201 East Jefferson Street, on Thursday, February 9, to take on the Suns. The baby-faced Slav should see plenty of chances, because Rockets’ guard Kevin Martin is suffering from plantar fasciitis. If Dragic recaptures the magic he had in 2010, Suns fans won’t be able to help wondering about what could have been.

Thu., Feb. 9, 7 p.m., 2012


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