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We all know folks who are busy. Perhaps you’re one of the busiest of the busy bodies. That’s cool. However, do you often spread yourself thin and compromise quality for quantity? We know we have.

Ambur Keryne Gore is indeed a time-crunched gal, but her waking life is wisely occupied, whether she’s painting or showcasing her classically-trained cello chops in several local bands. Which makes it all the more amazing that the former Urban Hair stylist recently opened up her own salon, which the public is invited to check out during the Honeycomb Organic Hair Studio Open House. And what a cool health-and-beauty spot it is, boasting all sorts of organic-hair specialties in a cute three-chair space that will soon feature rotating art exhibits.

The event will include wine, cheese, gift bags, and styling tips.

Fri., Jan. 8, 3-9 p.m., 2010


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