Hairy Panties: Bringing Back the (Printed) Bush

Hairy Panties: Bringing Back the (Printed) Bush

If by some chance you're still wondering, Hairy Panties are exactly what they sound like -- women's underwear with screen-printed pubic hair.

How's that sounding for your Friday night?

Made from organic cotton, the women's "hipster"-style underwear (no surprise here) is designed and made in Finland by the brain trust at Nutty Tarts (also behind the Hairy Undershirt, Hairy Leggings, and the ever-popular Bad Face Day Paper Bag).

Whether you call them a priceless gender statement or a pricey gag gift (they're on sale through the Nutty Tarts website for almost $40), the Hairy Panties come with three guarantees:

- Instant feminist stardom status. - A surprised reaction from whoever's playing pitcher. - A depressing realization that you just spent $40 on something you could have had for free.

Cheers, eager beavers.

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