Happy Medium

Hopefully, self-acclaimed “psychic medium” Allison DuBois is better with the dead than she is with the living. On a Real Housewives episode jokingly dubbed “The Dinner Party from Hell,” she got a little tipsy and quipped, “In biology, carnivores turn on each other. Can’t we say you’re sick and pull you out of the mix and let them turn on each other and see who dies?” Ouch.

But her on-screen antics haven’t stopped fans of the defunct TV show Medium, loosely based on DuBois’ life, from lining up for her sold-out appearances (and bitching about the series’ bizarre finale, which capped off with Allison’s death and a sappy reunion with her husband in the afterlife).

The author and Valley native will make an appearance to promote her new book Talk to Me at Changing Hands Bookstore. DuBois will offer insights on communicating with the dead and how to deal with grief, and likely answer a few questions lobbed by die-hard fans.

Fri., Sept. 23, 7 p.m., 2011


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